William Powell Frith - Many Happy Returns

William Powell Frith: Painter of the Victorian Age
15 June until 29 September 2019

This exhibition is a rare chance to discover Harrogate's famous Victorian artist with his most important paintings all in Harrogate. Frith was a pioneer of painting everyday life at a time when most were painting landscapes, historical and religious scenes.

Self-led visits to all our venues are always free. You can download education resources to prepare for a visit. There are two versions, one for use in the classroom and one with extra information for teachers.

William Powell Frith classroom version

William Powell Frith with teacher notes

Book a led workshop

Victorian Life in Harrogate (half day workshop KS2) - £65 per class

Visiting both the Frith exhibition at the Mercer and the Royal Pump Room Museum pupils will explore life in Victorian times, with a museum focus on Harrogate.

They will look at paintings such as The Railway Station to talk about leisure, costume, birthdays and lifestyle, drawing comparisons to today.

Pupils will create their own sketches and visit the museum to discover why Harrogate was so popular in Victorian times, and how the spa waters helped with treatments.

Curriculum links
History - significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.
Art - improving mastery of art and design techniques, learning about great artists in history
English - participate actively in collaborative conversations, staying on topic and initiating and responding to comments

Life at the Seaside (half day workshop, KS1) - £65 per class

Discover how life at the seaside has changed in Britain.

Using Frith's Ramsgate Sands and items from the museum collection pupils use their own knowledge and experiences to compare seaside visitors then and now, focusing on costume and seaside activities. Pupils will also create their own postcard, play with toys and dress up.

Curriculum links
History - changes within living memory
Art - the work of an artists and making making links to their own work.
English - spoken language skills - descriptions and explanations, expressing feelings; listening and responding appropriately

Early Photography (half day workshop, KS2/3) - £65 per class

Pupils will discover how Frith and other Victorian artists used photography to create their paintings. Pupils will create their own pinhole camera to gain a greater understanding of the science behind early photography. They will also create their own crowd scenes using props and a backdrop. Photos of these scenes can be used back at school to create their own artworks.

Curriculum links
Art and design - great artists in history; different techniques and media; development of major movements
English - working collaboratively with their peers; Participate actively in collaborative conversations; expressing ideas; persuasive language.

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