A scrap metal dealer must obtain a licence, which lasts for three years, from us. It's an offence not to have one.

If scrap metal is a by-product of your business you may not need a licence. Examples include builders, plumbers, electricians and vehicle repair garages, where scrap metal is recovered or produced but isn't the main purpose of the business.

More information is available via the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

There are two types of licence:

Site licence

  • a site licence is issued by the authority that covers the area the scrap metal site is situated in
  • a site manager must be named for each site
  • the licence permits scrap metal businesses to operate from identified sites and transport scrap metal from those sites to any local authority area
  • the licence holder can transport scrap metal from third-party businesses by appointment only to any other local council area, providing it is in the course of the business from that site
  • a site licence holder can't collect waste materials and old broken, worn-out or defaced articles via door-to-door visits

Mobile collector's licence

  • this permits the licensee to operate as a mobile scrap metal collector in the issuing local authority area only
  • this includes commercial as well as domestic scrap metal
  • you will need to apply for a mobile collector's licence from each authority area you want to collect from
  • a mobile collector can dispose or sell scrap metal in any area regardless of whether the collector's licence is held for that area

Apply for a licence

To apply, complete an application form

Scrap Metal Dealers (Site) application form
Scrap Metal Dealers (Collector) application form

Applications should be accompanied by:

  • the correct fee
  • a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for every person named in the application
  • a passport style photograph of every person named on the application
  • all applicants and named people will have to prove their identity using photo ID (passport or photo card driving licence) and a recent utility bill (bank statement, council tax bill, NOT a mobile phone bill) dated within 3 months
  • insurance documentation for all notified vehicles

Site £484.00
Collector £422.00

Site £254.00
Collector £254.00

Renewal (every 3 years)
Site £484.00
Collector £422.00

Applications should be dealt with in person to allow your DBS certificate to be checked, copied and returned to you. To make an appointment with an officer, or for further information, email licensing@harrogate.gov.uk or call 01423 500600.

A £10.50 administration fee is charged to change the details on a licence, issue a new one where necessary, or if additional vehicles are requested.

For more information, please contact us.

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Page last updated 13/04/2017