If you run a boarding kennels or cattery you need a licence from us.

You still need to apply for a licence even if you're only looking after a small number of animals in your own home.

Information is available by reading the animal boarding establishment conditions and guidance.

Apply for a licence

To apply, you must fill out one of the following forms:

Guidance notes

Boarding application £180.00
Boarding renewal £156.00
Boarding variation £93.00
Home boarding application £126.00
Home boarding renewal £77.00
Home boarding variation £93.00
Veterinary inspection is the actual cost

Then send us the form and the fee, giving 28 days' notice. You should receive the licence within 60 days. It must be renewed before December 31 each year.

Tacit consent

This means that you'll be able to act as though your application is granted if you haven't heard from us by the end of the 28-day target period. Tacit consent will only apply once a full application has been submitted and you've received an acknowledgment.

For more information, please contact us.

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Page last updated 22/09/2017