You may need an interpreter for those who cannot speak English, or who have communication difficulties. We can put you in touch with an interpreting service to allow you to communicate effectively with your customers/clients. This includes face-to-face interpreters as well as a telephone interpreting service. All interpreters are experienced, qualified and assessed.

Translating our services

We use Leeds City Council's Central Interpreting and Translation Unit to provide experienced, qualified language interpreters who are used to dealing with local authority issues. They also have a Braille translation service.

We can put you in touch with a service which will arrange for your leaflets, letters, posters, etc to be translated into any language. They also provide advice about appropriate cultural illustrations and subject matter for the written material that you produce, as well as giving practical advice about laying out your documents. All translators are experienced, qualified and assessed.

Page last updated 15/03/2019