The Columbarium, from the Latin word for “dovecot”, is a memorial that stands next to the memorial garden in Stonefall Cemetery. It offers an alternative to the formal strewing or burial of ashes.

Two large granite tablets on sandstone pillars mark visitors' arrival at this special area of dedication. The focal point is the birdbath pedestal memorial - an eight-faced polished granite sculpture offering five tiers of black tablet plaques to personalise with inscriptions and motifs. You can buy plaques for 12 years, with the option to renew once the contract expires.

Alongside the rear wall of the Columbarium building you can remember your loved one with a traditional black granite plaque bearing an inscription and motif. Plaques are housed in a granite casing with an ornate rose carving at the top of each unit. Again, you can buy plaques for 12 years, and have the option to renew once the contract ends.

Each individual niche in the Columbarium can house two sets of ashes, behind a Balmoral red polished granite tablet. Each tablet can bear a motif or photograph plaque alongside two gilded inscriptions for each of those being remembered. The Columbarium offers an alternative lower maintenance option to traditional burial. Columbarium niches are initially bought for 25 years, with the option to extend for a further 25 years at the end of the contract.

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Page last updated 10/10/2017