Are you a new or existing business in the logistics sector looking to expand in the Harrogate district? Please get in touch at for further information on how we can support you.

Our Economic Growth Strategy (2017-2035) is about the council adopting a co-ordinated, corporate approach to prioritise and support ‘good growth’ in the district to achieve a sustainable and resilient economy by 2035 (featuring new higher value jobs, an increase in Gross Value Added (GVA) and a boost in average workplace wages to at least the regional average).

The focus will be on four key sectors in which the district has pronounced strengths to help drive future growth:

  • creative and digital
  • logistics
  • financial and professional services
  • scientific research and development

Whilst support will not be limited to these key sectors, the council's resources will be prioritised in this direction. These key sectors are identified as being critical to the future growth prospects of the Harrogate district, based on recent and forecast trends, corporate priorities and the district's competitive position.

We also recognise that there will always be sectors which play an important role in providing large numbers of jobs for people and therefore our approach will be led through work under the Economic Growth Strategy themes, one of which is to equip people with the skills they need to access and progress in work.


Recent data indicates that the Harrogate district's GVA is now £3.83bn (2018) with 21% growth in GVA in Logistics (2012-2018).

Please visit local economy facts and figures for more information.

It continues to be a priority for the council to provide the business support that allows businesses to unlock their economic potential:

Digital Enterprise
Support for growing your business

Page last updated 21/09/2018