Your business has a legal duty to make sure the waste you produce is handled safely and within the law. If you don't, the penalties can be severe.

You are obliged to check that anyone you pass your waste onto is authorised to take it away and is going to deal with it responsibly. It is called your 'duty of care'.

It means you need to check:

  • waste is not illegally disposed of by you, or anyone else
  • waste is stored properly and cannot escape
  • waste is only passed on to an 'authorised person'
  • a 'waste transfer note' is produced when you pass on your waste

An 'authorised person' is an individual or an organisation which is licenced to take waste away and dispose of it. You should ask to see their waste carrier's licence.

Waste transfer notes show what the waste is/was, the quantity, the container it is in and where it will be taken for disposal.

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Page last updated 15/02/2019