Boost your green credentials and let us manage your business' recycling needs. Charges for our recycling collections are lower than the cost of standard waste.

We can collect and recycle the following items:

Mixed glass

  • glass bottles and jars of any colour

Mixed paper and card

  • mixed paper (shredded paper, office paper any colour, clean paper bags, envelopes including window, newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper, junk mail, telephone directories and catalogues)*
  • brown cardboard (please flatten)
  • card such as cereal boxes, frozen food and ready meal packaging, greetings cards and egg boxes

Mixed recycling

  • glass bottle and jars of any colour
  • aluminium or steel drinks and food cans
  • empty aerosol containers such as air fresheners, deodorant cans, shaving foam
  • tin foil, foil food trays and foil dishes (washed and clean)
  • squashed plastic bottles with lids on including trigger spray bottles
  • clear and light coloured plastic tubs including margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and food trays
  • cardboard food and drinks cartons

*Please protect you and your business against identity fraud. Don't throw out anything with your name, address or financial details without shredding it first.

Our dedicated trade waste recycling team is on hand to offer advice on the things you can do to reduce your waste, what can be reused and what can be recycled.

We can even work with your employees to provide recycling training.

Please call 01423 500600 and ask for extension 51076 to speak to one of the team to register your interest in our trade waste recycling service.

Where does your recycling go?

All recycling is taken to the waste transfer station at Claro Road, Harrogate. It is then transferred to Yorwaste's Waste Management Sites at Harewood Whin or Seamer Carr.

Glass and mixed recycling

At Yorwaste's Waste Management Sites the glass, cans and plastics go through a sorting process to split the recycling into the three streams. The outputs from this are then bulked up and moved on for final processing to material recycling facility (MRF).

  • steel cans get taken to Ward Brothers, Teeside where they get melted down and reused to make products like fridges and car doors
  • aluminium cans get taken to Novelis, Warrington where they get melted down and reused to make light weight components for the car industry
  • glass is taken to a glass processor at Knottingly. Here the glass is crushed, melted and turned back into bottles and jars or becomes part of the process for and many other products. Unlike some materials glass is infinitely recyclable; it doesn't lose its quality no matter many times it's been recycled before
  • plastics get sent to the Roydon Group Manchester where it is granulated and made into foods and drinks packaging and can even be made into fleece jackets

Paper and card

Paper and card is taken directly to Claro Road Waste Transfer Station, Harrogate. The paper that is collected is sent to UPM Recycling.

  • cardboard is soaked and pulped and made back into cardboard packaging
  • paper is made into paper again

Page last updated 07/06/2019