Pay for your garden waste subscription

Once you have subscribed your licence pack will be sent to you within 14 days of payment being taken from your bank.

We will also deliver a 240 litre garden waste wheelie bin to the registered address if you don't already have one. If your property cannot accommodate a wheelie bin, for example due to restricted access or steps up to your property, then we will supply reusable garden waste sacks.

On a garden waste wheelie bin you will need to attach your licence (a credit card size plastic tag) to the handle using the tie provided. This shows our collection crew that you have paid to receive the service. Please do not fix the licence to the lid of the bin.

How to attach a garden waste licence

On garden waste sack you will need to ensure you fix the licence to the handle of the sack with the tie provided.

Garden waste bins or sacks without a licence will not be emptied.

You must put your bin(s) or sacks at the kerbside for collection by 7am on your usual collection day. You can check your collection dates at

Ensure your bin(s) or sacks are clearly marked with your property name and number. Once they have been emptied return them to a secure place as quickly as possible.

Garden waste collection days may change. If they do details will be sent to you with your licence.

Garden waste collections are suspended in December, January and February as little garden waste is produced. You can continue to use household waste recycling centres free of charge if needed.

Pay for your garden waste subscription

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Page last updated 02/01/2019