Games in parks

There's lots to do and fun to be had at our games in the park facilities across the district.

The only activity we recommend that you book is tennis as the courts get very busy during summer. For all other activities, you can pay when you arrive.

Fancy some competitive tennis matches in Harrogate?

Flexible tennis is available in your local area and the #LTL league is helping to provide friendly, competitive tennis matches anywhere in the local area.

The flexible league means you can choose when and where you play, meaning tennis can fit into even the busiest of lifestyles!

The fun initiative makes it easy for men and women (aged 18 plus) of all standards to play friendly, competitive tennis in a singles league.

Players are organised into groups, so play only people of a similar level, meaning close matches really are close by!

Everyone who completes three matches by the halfway mark is sent a free can of balls and winners get prizes, so there's more than just pride on the line!

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