Personal land charge searches

All requests should be sent by email to [email protected].

Please include the full postal address of the property required plus an up to date plan which clearly outlines the search extent in red.

Currently the following options apply. Please make it clear when submitting your request which option you wish to use.

Personal searches

  1. Personal search with results are currently to be viewed over Microsoft Teams. There will be no fee for these searches. The current average processing time for receiving notification that results were available is three weeks.
  2. If search results are to be returned by email our published fee of £25.71 will apply.

EIR information

  1. At present there is no public access to the civic centre, but appointments are still available five days a week using Microsoft Teams where it will also be possible to view information which you have requested under EIR for which there will be no fee.
  2. If information is to be returned by email our published fees for each question required will apply. Full details of the fees for individual Con 29 questions which you may require can be found in the Schedule of Registers/Information for Local Enquiries Search within the frequently asked questions area of the local land charges section.