Children's swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for stages 4 to 10 are being offered at the Hydro in Harrogate and at Nidderdale leisure centre. These are open to existing customers.

We hope to be able to offer pre-school and stages 1 to 3 lessons as lockdown restrictions ease further, and open all lessons to new customers as resources and capacity allow.

Unfortunately, we are unable to add new customers to our pre-school or beginner lessons.

Children can learn to swim at all five of our pools across the district. Lessons are taught by our friendly and fully-qualified instructors and we follow the Swim England learn-to-swim framework.

Lessons run all-year round (school holidays included but not over Christmas and New Year), seven days a week at various times during the day. They are split into four blocks of lessons per year.

You can pay by monthly direct debit and the price includes free general swim sessions at the pool where your child has their lessons.

For pre-school children

Our 'Rain Drops' and 'Rain Tots' lessons are for children aged from six months to three years old. You will join your child in the water so you can provide 1-2-1 support. The lessons include structured play, songs and an introduction to basic swimming.

Children aged four years and over

Stage 1 - introduces children to a structured type of class and develops basic movement skills and water confidence

Stage 2 - develops safe entries, basic floating and unaided travel on front and back

Stage 3 - develops rotation skills, streamlining and travel on front and back

Stage 4 - this stage begins to refine the strokes and swimming 10 metres

Stage 5 - develops all the strokes and rotation skills and sculling

Stage 6 - develops water safety awareness and co-ordinated breathing for all the strokes

Stage 7 - develops the timing of all the strokes to comply with Amateur Swimming Association laws

Stages 8, 9 and 10 - these 3 stages introduce and develop competitive swimming skills including starts, turns and using a pace clock

Further information on swimming awards

For more information please contact us by emailing [email protected] or you can contact us online.

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