Moving swimming or diving classes

Throughout our swimming and diving lesson scheme, we offer continual and set periods of assessment.

If your child's ready to move during the term of lessons, the teacher will contact the pool's reception. You'll then be telephoned to discuss your child's progress and you'll be given details of spaces available in the scheme.

End of term – move or stay

After assessments, teachers fill in forms detailing who's achieved the criteria for moving to the next level and who needs to stay in the same class. The information is handed to reception teams.

If your child is moving to the next level our reception team will allocate a space on the next level class.

If your child is staying the same level he or she will automatically be given a space in the same class for next term.

Allocation after assessments

Once your child has been allocated a place, we provide details on our reception area noticeboards. If the allocation isn't suitable, talk to reception and staff will look at alternatives and move your child's class.

Once you're happy with arrangements, and if you're a direct debit customer, you don't need to do anything.

Customers who pay termly need to pay by the cut-off date - generally the last lesson of term - to secure their child's place. Details are provided on report cards and noticeboards.

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