Pavement licences

We're doing everything we can to encourage people back to our town centres and high streets and to support hospitality businesses across the district to recover from lockdown.

That includes allowing them to make safe use of any outside space in front of their premises.

If you run a hospitality business, you can now apply for a 'pavement licence' which would allow you to put tables and chairs outside your café, bar or restaurant.

The government has prepared guidance about pavement licences and, as you'd expect, there are conditions you'll need to accept too.

Application for permission

You'll need to display a notice at your premises from the day you apply. A photograph of the notice displayed in a prominent position at the premises should be emailed to We've created a template you can use.

You'll need to make sure the notice is correctly displayed or the outcome of your application may be affected.

If you're a resident and have a comment to make about a business's pavement licence application, please send an email to Make sure we receive your comments before the respective consultation period ends.