West Harrogate Parameters Plan

The West Harrogate Parameters Plan provides guidance to aid the interpretation of policies in the Harrogate District Local Plan 2014-2035.

A requirement to prepare a parameters plan is included in the local plan as part of the site requirements for the following allocated sites: H49: Windmill Farm, Otley Road and H51: Land east of Lady Lane.

The plan has been prepared to ensure the effective coordination of matters such as access, provision of community facilities, school provision, green infrastructure, public transport provision, cycling and pedestrian links across these and other relevant sites.

The plan will be a material consideration when assessing relevant applications for planning permission.

Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council are currently preparing a West Harrogate Infrastructure Strategy (WHIDS), which will provide further detail on the timing and delivery of supporting infrastructure for West Harrogate. This page will be updated with a link to the WHIDS once this work has been completed.

View the plan

The West Harrogate Parameters Plan and accompanying infrastructure schedule can be viewed below:

West Harrogate parameters plan February 2022 part 1
West Harrogate parameters plan February 2022 part 2