History of Knaresborough market

Knaresborough's historic records say the town has had a market since 1206. Though it didn't gets its charter till 1310 and has held a market in the town every week since which makes the market the longest continually run market in the country. In 1908 there were livestock markets in the square. There are even some companies that have traded at Knaresborough market since the Second World War.

History of Ripon market

The historic city of Ripon has been a market town since as early as 10th century although it didn't officially receive its market charter till 1108. Market day has always been on a Thursday and the market square we know today was first built in the 12th century. The success and popularity of the market throughout its history is due to Ripon's key location in the North. Throughout the centuries the market has sold many different things, there have been cloth and wool markets, livestock markets and a corn market which traded right up until the First World War. Traditionally when corn markets traded there was a bell rung to signify the market trading had started. Up until the 1800s the markets were controlled by the church but that changed all changed when the market was purchased for £1500 by the Ripon Corporation.