Neighbourhood planning in Harrogate district

Neighbourhood planning provisions within the Localism Act 2011 enable local communities to prepare neighbourhood plans and neighbourhood development orders.

Information on current neighbourhood planning activity in the Harrogate district can be found below. Neighbourhood plans that have been made and are now in operation can be found by visiting the current planning policies page.

If you are interested in carrying out neighbourhood planning please visit the neighbourhood planning information and guidance page.

Neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood plans set out planning policies and form part of the development plan used in determining applications for planning permission.

Areas where a neighbourhood plan is in place or is being prepared are shown on the district-wide neighbourhood planning map.

The following neighbourhood plans are currently being prepared in our district. For further information please visit the pages below:

Neighbourhood development orders

Neighbourhood development orders grant planning permission for specific development that complies with the order.

There are currently no neighbourhood development orders being prepared in our district.