Published: Friday, 2nd June 2017

Officers at Harrogate Borough Council are set to recommend proposals for a new settlement and additional sites to meet housing and employment needs for the Harrogate district.

Officers will also be recommending changes to the plan making timetable.

In November and December 2016, the council held a public consultation asking for views on the sites and policies contained within the draft Local Plan. As part of this exercise, the council sought opinion on two options for the location of a new settlement - Green Hammerton or Flaxby. Only one option will be taken forward within the Local Plan.

Officers have been reviewing the consultation responses and evidence for all new settlement options, including additional locations suggested at Deighton Grange and Cattal (known as Maltkiln), and are minded to recommend Green Hammerton as the preferred location to help meet the district's need for new homes and jobs.

Alongside this, officers are also likely to recommend that additional sites for housing and employment uses be included in the local plan in order to meet changes to housing and employment needs emerging from a review of the evidence base.

As a revision to the Local Plan timetable, officers will recommend that an additional six week public consultation be held. If approved by council members, the consultation will commence on 14 July, and will give the community and key stakeholders an opportunity to have their say on the additional sites, including the proposed location of the new settlement, before the plan is formally reported at a meeting of Full Council later this year.

District Councillors and Parish Councils in the Green Hammerton area as well as the promoters of the new settlement options, have been notified of the emerging new settlement recommendation.

Nigel Avison, Director of Economy and Culture at Harrogate Borough Council said:

"It is important that we give people the opportunity to comment on the preferred location of a new settlement as it will play a part in shaping our district in the future. Subject to agreement of the amended Local Plan timetable, this proposed public consultation will allow us to share the evidence underpinning our recommendation and to invite views before the final plan is reported to Full Council later this year.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in commenting on the proposed location for the new settlement or the additional sites for housing and employment to register their interest in taking part. They will be notified as soon as the consultation starts, be able to view dates for exhibitions, view the consultation materials, comment on them and read the opinions of other interested parties. Comments sent in ahead of the consultation cannot be taken into account so I would urge interested parties to ensure that they submit their comments during the six week consultation."

To register for the next Local Plan public consultation please visit For those who have previously registered with the portal, or commented on earlier consultations on the Local Plan, there is no need to register again.

Hard copies of all the consultation documents along with response forms will be available in the district's libraries and main council offices from the start of the consultation and at a number of public exhibitions which will be held in the first half of the consultation period.