Published: Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Harrogate Borough Council's offering grants of up to £30,000 for people who need to adapt their homes to benefit a disabled resident.

The money is available to homeowners and tenants once an assessment has been carried out by an occupational therapist.

The grant can be used for a range of adaptations which include stair lifts, wet floor shower rooms, external ramps and through-floor lifts.

The adaptations are designed to make it easier for a person to get in, out and around their home, to prepare and cook food or to improve an existing heating system.

Many people will find that they do not need to contribute a penny towards any improvements although some applications for financial help will be means tested.

Disabled facilities grants (DFGs) are funded by government and are mandatory for the council to carry out in the Harrogate district.

The scheme is administered by the borough council, currently, in partnership with the Home Improvement Agency.

Occupational therapy assessments are arranged through North Yorkshire County Council, usually after a referral by a GP or by residents themselves.

The aim is to enable people to leave hospital sooner if their home is suitably adapted, to prevent hospital admissions in the first place and to reduce slips, trips and falls.

Councillor Mike Chambers, cabinet member with responsibility for housing, said:

"I am delighted we are able to be able to offer these disabled facilities grants.

"We have more funds available than ever before to support residents across the district.

"The grants have the potential to transform the lives of anyone who's been struggling at home because of a disability.

"If we can help get people out of hospital sooner or prevent someone being admitted in the first place, it is money well spent".


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