What is the New Settlement DPD?

We are preparing the new settlement development plan document (DPD) to set out the policy that will guide the design and delivery of a new settlement in the broad location of Green Hammerton and Cattal.

The DPD will build upon the requirements of policy DM4 in the Harrogate District Local Plan 2014-2035 and will establish the boundary, nature and form of the new settlement. Including: highway and access arrangements, public transport, pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, housing types and tenures, design requirements and key infrastructure requirements.

Once adopted, the DPD will form part of the statutory development plan for the Harrogate district and will be used to determine applications for planning permission.

The timescales for preparation of the DPD are set out in our local development scheme.


Spring 2021: Progress update

We are currently considering all of the comments made in the recent consultation. We are also carrying out further engagement with key stakeholders and doing technical work to inform the next stage of preparing the DPD.

The timescales for preparing the DPD are being reviewed and further public consultation is not expected to take place until later in the year.

November 2020: Regulation 18 consultation extended

Following feedback from local community groups we have extended the consultation until Friday 22 January. Further information can be found using the link below:

Consultation on the new settlement in Hammerton-Cattal extended until 22 January

October 2020: Regulation 18 consultation

We are consulting on work to inform the emerging New Settlement DPD. We are also consulting on the following associated documents: Interim Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening report.

The consultations take place between Monday 19 October 2020 and Friday 22 January 2021 (4.30pm).

The consultation documents and details of how to provide comments can be found on our consultation portal using the links below:

PDF versions of the consultation documents as well as the following supporting documents can be downloaded from the consultation portal using any of the links above. Within the portal the PDFs can be found under the heading Supporting Files on the left-hand side of the page:

  • New Settlement Concept Framework
  • Concept Framework Appendix 1: Deliverability and Viability Technical report
  • Concept Framework Appendix 2: Stage 1-2 Inception Baseline report
  • Concept Framework Appendix 2a: Transport and Movement
  • Concept Framework Appendix 2b: Flood Risk and Services
  • Concept Framework Appendix 2c: Property Market
  • Concept Framework Appendix 3: Options Generation and Assessment
  • Concept Framework Appendix 3a: Deliverability and Viability Options Assessment

August 2020: Regulation 18 consultation - communication and engagement strategy

We hope to carry out our first public consultation (regulation 18) on the New Settlement DPD in autumn 2020. Further details will be published here in due course.

We have prepared a communication and engagement strategy, which sets out how we will communicate and engage with communities and other stakeholders.

January 2019: Work on the new settlement DPD has paused pending the outcome of the local plan examination.

September 2018: We have prepared a document setting out answers to a range of frequently asked questions about the delivery of a new settlement in the district:

August 2018: Strategic environmental assessment

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) needs to be undertaken alongside the development of the new settlement DPD.

SEA is a mechanism for considering and communicating the likely significant effects of an emerging plan, and reasonable alternatives, in terms of key environmental issues. The aim of SEA is to inform and influence the plan-making process so that negative environmental effects are avoided or mitigated and positive effects are maximised.

We have commissioned an SEA scoping report and this has been passed to statutory consultation bodies for their views. Scoping and is carried out to establish the key issues that the SEA should focus on. It involves a contextual review of existing relevant policies, plans and programmes; as well as identification of baseline information about the state of the environment, economy and society. These are then used to develop a framework that the emerging plan can be assessed against as it is developed.

New settlement DPD: strategic environmental assessment scoping report (August 2018)

A sustainability appraisal, informed by the SEA, will be produced alongside the DPD. All parties will be able to comment on the sustainability appraisal as the DPD is developed.