Insect nuisance

An insect nuisance may be something that is continuous or intermittent but it must be unreasonable, frequent and have a substantial interference with the use or enjoyment of your home. It does not take into account inconvenience, annoyance or personal sensitivities and just being able to see or hear the insects would not make them a nuisance.

Local Authorities are under a duty to investigate an insect nuisance which is traced to an industrial, trade or business premises, but not from a domestic premises and certain types of land, including arable land, ponds, lakes, reed beds, orchards and nurseries, are exempt.

The government have produced guidance on how councils deal with nuisances.

Working out the source of the problem can sometimes be a difficult and lengthy process, as flying insects can travel large distances.

Likely sources of insect nuisance include:

  • poultry houses/livestock farms (buildings on agricultural land are not exempt)
  • sewage treatment works
  • manure/silage storage areas
  • animal housing
  • stagnant ditches and drains
  • landfill sites, refuse tips and waste transfer stations

We will investigate your insect nuisance complaints but encourage people to try to resolve the matter between themselves in an appropriate informal manner before we get involved. Experience shows, that if done well, it will often lead to better and more permanent solutions. If you consider your informal approach has not been successful and you want us to investigate your insect nuisance complaint then please contact us.

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