Odour and fumes

We can take action where a nuisance is found to exist in two areas:

  • fumes from domestic boilers
  • odour/fumes from industrial, trade or business premises

We have no powers to deal with odours from domestic premises.

You will be asked to keep a record of what you can smell, for how long and at what time of day. We will use this information to decide if there is a pattern to the problem and then seek to find the cause and resolve the issue.

If the smell is causing a statutory nuisance, a notice to take action may be served. Sometimes, however, nothing more can be done. If you live close to sewage works, farmland on which slurry is spread, or a rubbish tip, for example, smells will happen from time to time. All we can do is advise the operator to do what they reasonably can to minimise those smells.

If you have a problem please contact us.

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