Arranging a funeral without a funeral director

People often think that funerals can only be carried out under the guidance of a funeral director but that's not the case.

You have the right to make funeral arrangements without commercial involvement, and funerals arranged by friends and family can contain much more personal input, resulting in a more moving and individual occasion.

These personalised, or independent, funerals can include either a burial or cremation.

Arranging the funeral yourself will be different. Many funeral directors won't sell coffins separately, or offer a hearse unless you buy the entire funeral package, and there are certain regulations you will have to follow. But our bereavement services staff, based at Stonefall Cemetery, can help you. You will also find lots of guidance in the Charter for the Bereaved.

We have adopted this national charter, which is designed to improve the burial and cremation service and the experience of funerals for the bereaved.

Charter Rights

  • it is your right to organise a funeral without the use of a Funeral Director
  • it is your right, as executor (or next of kin) to be given the body by a mortuary, hospital, etc., in order to carry out a funeral without a Funeral Director
  • it is your right to obtain a personalised or independent funeral leaflet form your Charter member describing how to arrange a funeral without a funeral director

A guide to funeral expenses will help you find out some of the costs involved.

Our bereavement services team will guide you through all the steps you need to take, including the forms needed for burial and cremation, death certificate, medical and registrar's certificates and corner's orders.

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