We offer a helpful, flexible approach to organising a cremation, aiming to incorporate as many of the bereaved's wishes as possible.

Our crematorium is at Stonefall, Wetherby Road, Harrogate

Use of the crematorium chapel is included in the cremation fee. It can be used for either a full service, committal only or for those not opting for a service.

The chapel

This provides seating for just over 100 and is fully accessible. We no longer have a music system set up where USBs and CDs can be used. The music is now a multimedia and recording system that is ordered by the Funeral Directors. The database has an extended genre of music for all musical tastes. We can also web cast services, record both sound and vision, options for slide shows using photographs supplied by the family. These are all additional extras and ordered through the Funeral Directors. If someone is wanting to organise the service without an Funeral Director we can advise them of how they can book the music. An organ and organist can also be arranged.

Once the coffin has been placed on the raised platform in the chapel, it will stay there until all mourners have left. Floral tributes will be displayed beside the chapel exit. If not collected, they will be transferred to the flower island for one week.

After the cremation

There are a number of options available:

  • Collection of the remains
    These can be collected the day after the cremation. Please make sure when collecting that there is a disposal certificate, provided by Stonefall Crematorium, accompanying them. This is needed if the remains are to be taken to another agreed authority. A funeral director or agreed representative can keep the remains until a decision is made
  • Columbarium
    Latin for 'dovecot,' this is a memorial structure next to the memorial garden in Stonefall Cemetery. It offers an alternative to the formal strewing or burial of cremated remains, with niche resting places and areas for plaques, which can be personalised with inscriptions and motifs
  • Burial or scattering
    Strewing of cremated remains can take place at various places in the cemeteries. Remains can be interred in a dedicated cremated remains plot or in a full grave. To do this you can buy a grave/plot or be interred with other relatives. To do this, you must have the written permission of the owner of the grave
  • Garden of remembrance
    The original garden of remembrance at Stonefall Cemetery was opened in 1937 and provides a tranquil area landscaped with trees and shrubs where ashes were strewn until the opening of the memorial garden. Cremated remains can still be strewn here, if specifically requested, although plaque availability is limited
  • The memorial garden
    The garden at Stonefall Cemetery is constantly developing through the careful planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. It provides a comforting, tranquil area to visit. The unique design incorporates sculptures, a stream with a pond and bridge, plus an informal wild flower area. The garden is the main strewing area for cremated remains and for displaying memorial plaques
  • Ripon memorial wall
    In Ripon Cemetery, there is a garden of rest where cremated remains can be strewn. You can also buy plaques in memory of loved ones for memorial walls

It's important to maintain our high standards of maintenance in the cemeteries, so only officially recognised memorials are allowed. Unfortunately, any impromptu memorials will be removed and attempts will be made to contact relatives so that they can be collected.

Flowers and articles shouldn't be left on grassed areas as they could interfere with grass cutting.