Call in of key decisions

The call in of key decisions is an important part of scrutiny. The overview and scrutiny commission has to make sure that the decisions taken by the cabinet are suitable and fit within the council's policy framework. The overview and scrutiny commission can review any key decision made either by the cabinet members individually, or those agreed by the entire cabinet.

Some decisions made by the council cabinet are classed as being important. These are key decisions. The council publishes a forward plan which details the key decisions that are scheduled to be taken by the cabinet. If no requests for call-in are received within five days of the decision notice being published, then the decisions are implemented.

If a request has been made to call the decision in for scrutiny, a meeting will be called within 20 days of the decision notice being published to discuss the issue.

For more information or advice on the forward plan, key decisions and call-in, please contact the democratic services manager at [email protected] or call 01423 500600.

Urgent key decisions

Sometimes there are urgent key decisions. They do not have to be published in the forward plan and they are not available to be 'called in'. This is because there is not enough time to go through this process due to the urgency of the decision.