Appeal to an independent adjudicator

If your representation is rejected, you can appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT).

The adjudicators are experienced lawyers who are independent of the council and will consider your case on one of the eight grounds listed previously. Their decision is final.

An appeal can be made by post using the form enclosed with the formal rejection of representation letter, or online using the personal identification number in the letter.

Appeals can be decided by post, in person or via a telephone conference call. A personal hearing centre is available in Leeds. There are others throughout the country. There is no charge for submitting an appeal to the TPT.

If you ignore the Notice to Owner, or lose your appeal and do not pay, you will be sent a charge certificate, which increases the original charge by 50% to either £75 or £105 depending on the contravention. There are no rights of appeal at this stage of the process.

If you still don't pay, the charge will be registered as a debt at the county court and a warrant will be issued to bailiffs who will add their own costs to the penalty charge.