Parking guidelines

Parking restrictions have been introduced over the years to help solve local parking problems and improve traffic flow and road safety.

Parking guidelines and procedures are continually reviewed and, if necessary, amended to reflect the changing demands of residents, businesses and visitors.

Parking policy

Our policy aims to:

  • manage and develop the parking service to complement local transport plan policy, while minimising the negative impact of parking on people and the environment
  • allow the free and safe movement of vehicles, cycles and pedestrians through traffic management measures and effective enforcement of parking restrictions
  • provide convenient and safe parking places, including the provision of disabled bays and loading bays
  • consider the needs of all road users. Special attention will be given to parking restrictions close to schools
  • recognise the need to support the local economy by favouring short stay parking where appropriate
  • ensure that staff receive the right training so that they can carry out their duties effectively, competently and professionally
  • have guidelines and procedures in place to help staff deal with objections to penalty charge notices fairly

Parking guidance