Residential zone permits

Residential zone permits are issued to residents and businesses in street controlled parking zones.

You can check our zone list and maps to see if your address qualifies for a permit and if so, how many. Newer developments may not qualify for permits and you can check this on the development list.

The types of permit are:

Resident - issued to households and permanent residents of guest houses and hotels. Please see our on street resident permit guidance notes for resident permits, including terms and conditions, prices and how to apply.

In Ripon and Knaresborough, some addresses qualify for a residential permit to use a car park. The price and terms and conditions are different for these. Details are in the off street resident permit guidance notes.

Attendance - issued to residents and used by their carers.

Business - issued to businesses or hotels and guesthouse owners who don't live on the premises.

Doctors - issued to doctors with a surgery in a zone.

Healthcare - issued to healthcare professionals who make multiple visits to homes in a residential parking zone.

For Attendance, Business, Doctors and Healthcare permits, Please see the non residents permits guidance notes and how to apply.

Ripon visitor permit - this is only available for zone RP2. The terms and conditions are the same as for a residents permit and there will be only one issued per household for a visitor to that property to use.

Guest - issued to residents and owners of hotels/guest houses for use by their guests. Please see the guest permits guidance notes and how to apply. We are only obliged to give one year on guest permits expiry date. If you just require additional guest permit books, contact parking services on 01423 500600.