Neighbourhood management

Neighbourhood Management in the Harrogate district - 'My Neighbourhood'

The Harrogate District Public Services Leadership Board (PSLB) is the overarching partnership responsible for neighbourhood management in the Harrogate district.

In 2010 a multi–agency partnership came together and agreed to support a neighbourhood management framework known as 'My Neighbourhood' within the Harrogate district. This was a partnership agreement and approach developed to engage and work within communities, addressing local need with a focus on targeting priority areas and issues across the Harrogate district.

The aim of the 'My Neighbourhood' community engagement framework is to target resources and action within the chosen priority areas. The framework supports and contributes to the Localism and Big Society agendas.

'My Neighbourhood' partners are committed to raising the economic, social and environmental well-being within the Harrogate district through a partnership approach. This will be done through delivering the objectives set as detailed within the terms of reference.

An overview report is carried out on an annual basis to demonstrate the outcomes achieved against the objectives.

'My Neighbourhood' projects are currently working in four areas across the Harrogate district:

  • Bilton Woodfield ward Harrogate
  • Harrogate East area (incorporating Fairfax ward)
  • Ripon Minster Ward
  • Nidderdale area

For more information on the My Neighbourhood projects and if you would like to get involved please contact Fiona Friday, Partnerships and VCS Officer at