Harrogate District Public Services Leadership Board

The Harrogate District Public Services Leadership Board (PSLB) is the overarching strategic partnership for the Harrogate district. The PSLB recognise that public services are facing some of the biggest ever financial, social and environmental challenges. Our commitment to meeting together as a Public Services Leadership Board will support a "One Public Service" vision and facilitate local agencies coming together seamlessly to deliver more cohesive, joined up and unified local services.

Together we will lead and support the design and delivery of quality services that are efficient, innovative and reflect the specific needs and priorities of our local communities; ensuring better outcomes and improving the lives of local people.

The principles of the PSLB are detailed within the terms of reference and are reviewed on an annual basis along with the membership.

Currently the membership consists of the following organisations;

  • Harrogate Borough Council
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • NHS Harrogate and Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust
  • Harrogate College
  • North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Office of Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
  • Voluntary and Community Sector representative
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Community First Yorkshire

The PSLB has a plan on a page which details four key objectives of:

  • to use evidence and intelligence alongside gap analysis to identify areas of need and inequality and to target these areas through collaborative initiatives
  • to support our communities to become more resilient and inclusive
  • to enhance the quality of life across the Harrogate district
  • to provide one public service and voice

Underpinning the objectives are four thematic priority areas of work:

  • better homes and support for living; Harrogate district; a place where housing is affordable, of an acceptable quality and accessible
  • inclusivity Harrogate district; a place that is inclusive, progressive and has active, engaged and friendly communities
  • health inequalities; Harrogate district; a place where everyone has an equal opportunity to access health and wellbeing services
  • digital; Harrogate district; a place that advances by using new technologies

A further priority of reducing carbon emissions and environmental impacts, by collaborating with others and by using our collective influence cuts across all of the above.

Each priority now has a board member lead who is responsible for ensuring that all supporting actions are carried out.An annual report to present performance against the work plan is published on an annual basis.

Harrogate District Public Services Leadership Board annual report

One significant piece of work that has been developed together through a Joint commissioning and funding sub group as part of the PSLB development priority has been the development of the 'Joint strategic commissioning and grant funding principles'. Public service partners will work more closely together when commissioning or grant funding the voluntary and community sector across the district. The principles will be integrated into organisations funding and commissioning frameworks so that there is the same standard and expectation across the district.

The Board has in 2018 developed and adopted a Social Value Charter. Within the charter a definition is provided as to what social value means across the Harrogate district: Social value within the Harrogate district will come from activities that enable communities to become more resilient, improve quality of life, enhance sustainability of the district and it will reduce demand on the public services. Alongside this a set of commitments have been derived. Each partner is to seek agreement to adopt the charter internally within their own organisation as well as using within partnership activities.

Partnership working - North Yorkshire

At a North Yorkshire level, the North Yorkshire Wider Partnership comes together on an annual basis to address issues of strategic importance. The partnership has an overarching strategic plan known as the North Yorkshire community plan. This sets out North Yorkshire wide priorities for how to help make North Yorkshire a thriving county which adapts to a changing world and remains a special place for everyone to live, work and visit. The priorities of this partnership are included within the work done at a district level.