Prompt payment code

The Prompt Payment Code is a Government initiative devised with The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) to tackle the crucial issue of late payment especially to small businesses. The code sets standards for payment practices to be followed by companies signed up to the code. It is designed to give confidence to the supplier that they will be paid within clearly defined terms, and that there is a proper process for dealing with any payments that are in dispute.

By signing up to PPC Harrogate Borough Council is committed to:

Paying suppliers on time

Supplier payment terms will be as agreed at the outset of any contract or order with the council. If the supplier does not specify payment terms the council will make payment of an undisputed invoice 30 days from invoice date and no later than 30 days from receipt.

All suppliers will receive an official Purchase Order (PO) from the council. The PO number must be quoted on all invoices. Please do not supply goods/services without an official order as this may delay payment.

Providing clear guidance on payment procedures

All invoices should be addressed to:

Harrogate Borough Council
Finance, Corporate Affairs
PO Box 787

and submitted to the council via email as follows:

Send PDF invoices to

Please ensure only the invoice (no other document) is attached to your email as a PDF. Also multiple PDF invoices need to be attached to your email individually and not sent as a single PDF containing more than one invoice.

If you have other documents such as a statement or letter or an invoice that is not a PDF (such as a word document) please send to

Where email is not an option for your company please send to the PO Box 787 address quoted above.

Supplier invoices must include the following information:

  • date of invoice
  • supplier name, address and VAT registration number
  • supplier bank details
  • a valid Purchase Order number provided by Harrogate Borough Council
  • details of the charge (this should agree with the value of the Purchase Order and if not please provide an explanation for the variance)

Harrogate Borough Council's method of payment to suppliers is by BACS. If you are a new supplier please complete the BACS payment requests form

Remittance details (payments made to suppliers) are sent via email (if we have been provided with this information) or by post.

Payment runs to suppliers are made twice a week on a Monday and Wednesday. On a week that contains a bank holiday there will be one payment run only, normally on a Wednesday.

The Financial Management System (FMS) will pay the supplier on a date to meet the terms of payment. As an example an invoice due for payment on Monday or Tuesday of a week will be paid on the Monday.  Invoices due for payment Wednesday to Sunday of a week will be picked up on the Wednesday payment run in the same week.

Dealing with complaints or disputes on a timely basis

Harrogate Borough Council is committed to providing good customer service to all of its customers and dealing with complaints or disputes on a timely basis.

In case of query the first point of contact for the supplier is the officer at the council requesting the goods or service. The contact name and telephone number of the officer is provided to the supplier on the Purchase Order. If the problem isn't resolved ask to speak to the service manager who will do their best to put things right.

In the event of a disputed invoice the relevant buying officer will endeavour to contact the supplier within five working days of receiving the supplier invoice. Please note that all invoices are scanned into the council's financial management system by a member of the accountancy services team and the five day period allows for processing time before the invoice is seen by the buying officer.

Normal enquiries regarding payment of invoices should be directed to the accountancy services team by emailing or call 01423 500600 extension 58579. When making contact please provide the PO number along with the related invoice number and amount. The officer investigating the query will check to see if the invoice is scheduled for payment and advise of the planned payment date. Any other queries will be directed back to the officer that requested the goods or services.

If things go wrong and you are not happy with the service please contact our customer services section between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm (4.30pm on Friday) on 01423 500600 or send an email to Alternatively you can complete a feedback form and submit an official complaint.

Harrogate International Centre

Invoice queries related to goods/services provided to Harrogate International Centre should be submitted to or telephone 01423 500600 and ask for management services - finance.