Commuted sums and planning

Commuted sums is the term used for money received by us from housing developers which is then used to improve open spaces and village halls in the area where the new homes have been built.

The amount for each development depends on how many people the new homes bring in and the open space and village hall needs in that area.

The money is allocated to:

  • open spaces
  • parks and gardens
  • natural and semi-natural green spaces
  • outdoor sports facilities
  • amenity green spaces (including green corridors/verges)
  • provision for children and young people
  • allotments
  • cemeteries
  • village halls (only in rural areas).

For guidance on where the money is allowed to be spent, and definitions and classifications, we suggest you read the permissible expenditure of commuted sums for open spaces and permissible expenditure of developer contributions for village halls.

Commuted sums are available to the parish council or group responsible for that area of open space or village hall. This is usually a sports club, local association, committee, the local parish council or the borough council.

To access the money, the organisation must complete the commuted sums project form and return it to the systems and information officer for consideration before any cash is spent.

If approved, a letter will say how much money is available for the project, and advise that up to three quotes for the work will be needed. When the work is complete, a copy of the paid invoice is sent to the commuted sums officer, who will then reimburse the organisation. If the group does not have the money to fund the project upfront, alternative arrangements can be made.

For more information, please contact the systems and information officer by emailing