Planning enforcement

Change to permitted construction hours

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the government is allowing temporary extensions to the hours construction sites can be operated. It means work may now be permitted to start earlier and finish later (Monday to Saturday only) until September. Restrictions still apply on the type of work that can take place early in the morning or late at night. If we receive complaints, we reserve the right to take action and may request an alteration of working times on site. If necessary, we will require the submission of a planning application to vary the site working hours. If you have any queries about these changes, or you are a developer wishing to extend site hours, please email:

The planning system respects people's freedom to use or alter their property as they wish, within certain rules. How we apply these rules is detailed in our local enforcement plan.

The council planning enforcement team provides an investigation service when it is alleged the rules are not being followed.

What we can investigate

  • the erection, extension, alteration or demolition of buildings
  • changes of use of land or buildings
  • advertising signs
  • works to trees protected by tree preservation orders
  • works to trees in conservation areas
  • hedges in the countryside
  • works on listed buildings
  • breaches of planning permission conditions

What we can't investigate

  • abandoned vehicles
  • dangerous structures
  • development on highways/pavements
  • fly-tipping
  • land boundaries or ownership disputes
  • neighbour disputes
  • smells, noise and pollution
  • works to party walls

Before you ask us to investigate any possible unauthorised development, use the Public Access database to check if the development has planning permission, or if it has conditions attached.

You can complete our online form to report unauthorised development and ask us to investigate. Your name won't be disclosed but there will be times when the source of the complaint is apparent to those involved.

Enforcement enquiries form

Enforcement register

You can check the register of notices to see where enforcement action has been taken.

Planning enquiries form