Section seven - Other landscape documents

CD7 1 Guidelines for landscape and visual impact assessment (GLVIA), third edition Landscape Institute, 2013 chapter 1chapter 2, chapter 4chapter 5, chapter 6
CD7 2 Harrogate district landscape character assessment - area 74 February 2004
CD7 3 Harrogate district landscape character assessment - area 76 February 2004
CD7 4 Harrogate district landscape character assessment - area 81 February 2004
CD7 5 Harrogate district landscape character assessment - area 85 February 2004
CD7 6 ‘In search of the identity of Kirby Hill’. chapter 9 in “Experiential Landscape: an Approach to People, Place and Space” by Dr. Kevin Thwaites and Ian Simkins (Routledge, 2006)
CD7 7 Agricultural land classification maps for the area of the proposed site, obtained from the Government’s online geographical information system MAGIC
CD7 8 Extract from Bulmer’s History - Topography and Directory of North Yorkshire, 1891, part 2, page 733 concerning Kirby Hill
CD7 9 Extract from the Domesday Book in 1086 concerning Kirby Hill (Chirchebi)
CD7 10 Visual representation of development proposals technical guidance note 06/19. Landscape Institute 17 September 2019
CD7 11 Photography and photomontage in landscape and visual impact assessment. Advice note 01/11. Landscape Institute, March 2011
CD7 12 National character area profile 28, Natural England
CD7 13 National character area profile 30, Natural England
CD7 14 North Yorkshire and York landscape characterisation project May 2011
CD7 15 Page 207 in the British Archaeology publication ‘Cult, Religion, and Pilgrimage’ by Jan Harding of Newcastle University
CD7 16 Statement by Community Archaeologist Kevin Cale on the Historic Landscape to the Evening Session of the 2010/11 MSA inquiry
CD7 17 Kirby Hill RAMS photos showing the potential impact of the proposed MSA on the night sky at Kirby Hill
CD7 18 Harrogate landscape character area introduction and appendices
CD7 19 A1M Junction 50 - Google Earth image from October 2009
CD7 20 A1M Junction 50 - Google Earth image from March 2012