Section six - Other applications, permissions and inquiry decisions etc

CD6 1 Decision notice 08/05860/EIAMAJ. Outline application for the erection of motorway service area comprising amenity building, petrol filling station, heavy goods vehicle amenity building, car parking and associated landscaping with access considered (site area 19.3ha) (Harrogate Borough Council, March 2009)
CD6 2 Appeal decision and inspectors report (A) APP/E2734/A/09/2102196, (B) APP/G2713/V/09/2108815, (C) APP/E2734/V/10/2133571, (D) APP/E2734/V/10/2133577, (E) APP/G2713/V/10/2133567 motorway service area proposals on the A1(M) (DCLG, October 2012)
CD6 3 Appeal decision APP/N4720/V/02/1084989, APP/N4720/V/03/1118337, APP/N2739/V/02/1084991, APP/E2734/A/95/254959, APP/E2734/V/02/1099827, APP/E2734/V/02/1099828, APP/E2734/V/02/1084990, APP/E2734/A/97/28555. Motorway service area proposals on the A1(M) (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, August 2005)
CD6 4 Appeal decision APP/E2734/W/18/3213232 Appeal by Future Habitat Ltd, Land Comprising Field at 438887 468593, Church Lane, Kirby Hill: Outline application for up to 50 dwellings with access considered (Revised Scheme) - 5 June 2019
CD6 5 Court of Appeal judgement in the Heathrow runway case, 2020 EWCA Civ 214, Lindblom, J. 27 February 2020
CD6 6 High Court Appeal judgement, CO/12581/2012, Lindblom, J. 28 October 2013