Brownfield land register

We are required to maintain a register of brownfield (previously developed) sites that are available and suitable for residential development (or residential-led mixed use development), and where residential development is achievable. The register is updated at least annually.

To be included in the register sites must meet the definition of previously developed land set out in the National Planning Policy Framework(NPPF) and have a minimum site area of 0.25 hectares or be able to accommodate a minimum of five dwellings.

The register is produced to promote the redevelopment of suitable sites for housing. It provides information on the known availability of brownfield land for new housing and helps us monitor the reuse of previously developed land.

Available sites not included in the register because they are not known to us may also be suitable for residential development. Available sites that are known to us but not included in the register are unlikely to be suitable for residential development at this time unless it can be demonstrated that known policy constraints can be overcome. In both cases, prospective developers are advised to review our planning policies and submit a pre-application enquiry.

If you wish to submit a site to be considered for inclusion in the register please contact

Format of the register

In line with national regulations, the register is split into two parts:

Part one

  • contains all sites that, based on best available information at the time of assessment, we consider may meet the criteria for inclusion on the register
  • we identify qualifying sites by assessing sites submitted to us by landowners (or their agents) and reviewing new planning permissions
  • sites without an existing residential consent are assessed against our main planning policies. For these sites the dwelling capacity shown in the register should be treated as a guide only
  • sites without an existing full residential consent would require more detailed consideration against our planning policies before development could take place; this would to subject to public consultation

Part two

  • contains part one sites on which we have granted permission in principle
  • permission in principle (PiP) is a new route to achieving planning consent. Sites with PiP must also gain technical details consent to secure an implementable permission using this route; this process would be subject to public consultation
  • there are currently no sites included in part two

View the brownfield land register

The brownfield land register for the Harrogate district is available below. The data is provided under the Open Government Licence. The register was last updated on 4 October 2020.

Harrogate district brownfield land register - csv file