The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all Local Authorities to ensure a five year supply of deliverable land for new homes against their housing requirement. The calculation of the supply is an important part of our regular monitoring and takes into account information on site viability and development activity.

The housing land supply update April 2022 can be downloaded below and concludes that Harrogate Borough Council can currently demonstrate a supply of 7.3 years.

Housing land supply update April 2022

The housing delivery action plan complements the adopted Local Plan 2014-2035 and our other key strategies. There is no requirement, under the government's housing delivery test, for us to produce an action plan. It is, however, considered good practice to produce an action plan to continue to ensure that our identified housing need is met.

This is our second action plan, it updates and supersedes the December 2018 housing delivery action plan. This document reviews those actions from the previous housing delivery action plans and sets out what we have been doing to achieve them. It also sets out measures that we intend to undertake to support the delivery of new housing across the Harrogate district.

Housing delivery action plan 2022