We have been notified that some of the land previously available and included in the proposed New Settlement boundary has now been withdrawn and is no longer available for development. As a result, submission of the proposed New Settlement DPD to the Secretary of State for independent examination has been paused while options for the DPD are considered.

Further updates will be published in due course.

View and respond to the consultation on the planning policy consultation portal

Following earlier stages of consultation and engagement, we have prepared a draft New Settlement Development Plan Document (DPD) for Maltkiln which sets out an ambitious thirty-year vision and policy framework to guide how it is designed and developed. This includes the boundary, nature and form of the new settlement.

We are consulting on;

The pre-submission New Settlement (Maltkiln) DPD (Regulation 19)

And the following consultation documents

  • sustainability appraisal
  • habitats regulations assessment
  • equality assessment

To view the documents and respond to the current consultation please visit the consultation portal.

Planning policy consultation portal

After carefully considering requests from the local community and parish councils, we have extended the Maltkiln DPD consultation until midnight on Friday 25 November to provide more opportunities for the community to engage in the new settlement process. Comments received after that date will not be considered 'duly made'.

PDF versions of the consultation documents as well as the following supporting can be downloaded from the consultation portal using any of the links above.

Within the portal, the PDFs can be found under the heading supporting files on the left-hand side of the page.

  • consultation statement
  • statement of representation procedure
  • background document - flood risk sequential assessment
  • background document - heritage impact assessment
  • background document - access and movement topic paper
  • background document - strategic green gap background paper
  • background document - climate change strategy
  • background document - viability note

In addition further information can be found here;

Submitting your comments outside of the portal

The easiest way to submit your comments is via the portal, as set out above. However, if you chose to submit your comments in writing using the comment form which can be downloaded.

Comment form

Or collected from the following locations;

  • Civic Centre, St Luke's Mount, Harrogate, HG1 2AE
  • Harrogate Library, Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, HG1 1EG
  • Ripon Library, The Arcade, Ripon, HG4 1AG
  • Knaresborough Library, 40 Market Place, Knaresborough, HG5 8AG
  • Boroughbridge Library, 17 St James Square, Boroughbridge, York, YO51 9AR
  • Poppleton library, The Village, Upper Poppleton, YO26 6JT

What is the new settlement DPD?

We are preparing the new settlement development plan document (DPD) to set out the policy that will guide the design and delivery of a new settlement in the broad location of Green Hammerton and Cattal.

The DPD will build upon the requirements of policy DM4 in the Harrogate District Local Plan 2014-2035 and will establish the boundary, nature and form of the new settlement. Including highway and access arrangements, public transport, pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, housing types and tenures, design requirements and key infrastructure requirements.

Once adopted, the DPD will form part of the statutory development plan for the Harrogate district and will be used to determine applications for planning permission.

The timescales for preparation of the DPD are set out in our local development scheme.


Progress update: Summer 2022

Following consultation and engagement, we are now finalising the content of the DPD ahead of formal public consultation and independent examination.

The DPD will set out policies and proposals for Maltkiln, a new settlement in the Hammerton/Cattal area of the district.

Over the summer councillors are being asked to approve the draft DPD to be published for consultation. In line with our constitution, the material will be considered by the following council bodies. The links below can be used to access relevant documents:

Subject to Member approval a six week formal consultation will begin in early October. The comments received will form the basis of an independent examination of the DPD carried out by the Planning Inspectorate.

Further information can be found on our latest news page.

Key milestones to date

October 2020 to January 2021: Regulation 18 consultation

The consultation was undertaken to inform the emerging new settlement DPD between Monday 19 October 2020 and Friday 22 January 2021 (4.30pm).

We also consulted on the following associated documents: Interim sustainability appraisal and habitats regulations assessment screening report.

The consultation documents and comments provided can be found on our consultation portal:

PDF versions of the consultation documents as well as the following supporting documents can be downloaded from the consultation portal using any of the links above. Within the portal the PDFs can be found under the heading Supporting Files on the left-hand side of the page:

  • the new settlement concept framework
  • concept framework appendix 1: Deliverability and viability technical report
  • concept framework appendix 2: Stage 1-2 inception baseline report
  • concept framework appendix 2a: Transport and movement
  • concept framework appendix 2b: Flood risk and services
  • concept framework appendix 2c: Property market
  • concept framework appendix 3: Options generation and assessment
  • concept framework appendix 3a: Deliverability and viability options assessment

August 2020: Regulation 18 consultation - Communication and engagement strategy

A communication and engagement strategy was prepared (with input from local community representatives) which sets out how we will communicate and engage with communities and other stakeholders.

January 2019: Local plan examination

Work on the new settlement DPD was paused pending the outcome of the local plan examination.

September 2018: frequently asked questions

We prepared a document setting out answers to a range of frequently asked questions about the delivery of a new settlement in the district:

August 2018: Strategic environmental assessment

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) needs to be undertaken alongside the development of the new settlement DPD.

SEA is a mechanism for considering and communicating the likely significant effects of an emerging plan, and reasonable alternatives, in terms of key environmental issues. The aim of SEA is to inform and influence the plan-making process so that negative environmental effects are avoided or mitigated and positive effects are maximised.

We commissioned a SEA scoping report and this has been passed to statutory consultation bodies for their views. Scoping is carried out to establish the key issues that the SEA should focus on. It involves a contextual review of existing relevant policies, plans and programmes; as well as identification of baseline information about the state of the environment, economy and society. These are then used to develop a framework that the emerging plan can be assessed against as it is developed.

New settlement DPD: strategic environmental assessment scoping report (August 2018)

A sustainability appraisal, informed by the SEA, will be produced alongside the DPD. All parties will be able to comment on the sustainability appraisal as the DPD is developed.