Concessionary entitlements

Due to changes in the state pension age and benefit system we have reviewed the concession policy for our leisure facilities.

Age concessions

From 1 April 2018 the concession age will change from 60 to 65. This reflects the changes in the state pension age.

If you were born between 1 April 1953 and 2 April 1958 and are currently receiving concession rates, you will only be able to continue to claim these if

  • if you already have or applied for a Brimhams or Swimplus membership before 1 April 2018. If you choose not to become a member you will be required to pay adult price rates from 1 April 2018
  • if you are over 65 you can claim concessionary rates with proof of age

Other concessions

From 1 April 2018 we are also changing the way concessions can be claimed by introducing a new concession card. The card will allow concessionary rates for;

  • trainees under 18 on government education schemes
  • full time students (over 18)
  • anyone registered as unemployed
  • anyone in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Personalised Independence Payment

Please note that working/family tax credits and carer's allowance do not qualify.

If any of these apply to you and you would like to continue to pay concessionary rates to use our facilities on a pay as you go basis after 1 April 2018 you will need to apply for this concession card. You will just need to bring relevant evidence to support your application. The card will be provided to you which you will need to show every time you visit in order to be able to receive the concessionary prices at our facilities.

It will be valid for 12 months for customers who are in receipt of either

  • Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA), and valid for six months for all other concessions. Membership can be renewed upon proof of entitlement again
  • if you are a student we unfortunately cannot accept NUS cards as evidence. At the start of each academic year you will also be required to show your course enrolment letter or student loan letter. Students who receive funding from a sponsor (for example research students) are not eligible.

How to apply

You can apply for a concession card at any of our leisure facilities. You will be asked to complete an application form and show evidence of your age or entitlement. When approved we will provide you with the card which can be presented each time you visit one of our facilities. If you are already a Brimhams member or decide to join Brimhams you will only be provided with one membership card.

Concession prices from 1 April 2019

Swimming Plus membership - adult £38.00 / concession £24.00

Swimming admission - all pools - adult £5.00 / concession £3.60

Brimhams Hydro membership - adult £47.00 / concession £31.25

Brimhams Nidderdale/Ripon membership - adult £45.00 / concession £31.25

Casual fitness admission - adult £9 / concession £5