We're responsible for setting the rent we charge to our tenants.

The amount depends on how much we need to spend on services.

Rent is paid into what is called the housing revenue account and this, along with small amounts of cash support from the government, is what pays for the services tenants receive.

It also covers other things, such as paying for the cost of borrowing for the original building of that property and for improvements. The rent that tenants pay doesn't go towards other services we provide, and it isn't subsidised by the council tax payments.

How your rent is calculated

Each year, we work out how much money we need to run the housing service and decide where this money can be raised from. The government has an influence by setting targets for spending and rent levels. We therefore have very limited control over the rents tenants are asked to pay.

Service charges

Some tenants may have other charges to pay as part of their total rent. These will usually be for heating in those flats where heat or hot water comes from a shared boiler, or for warden services in sheltered accommodation. If you're not sure why you have additional charges, contact your housing office.