Street cleaning

Our small team of street cleaners take care of nearly 1,500km of roads and pavements across the district in a planned programme of works.

Other services provided by the street cleaning team include:

  • community litter picks
  • emptying of litter and dog waste bins
  • dealing with dog fouling
  • removal of litter
  • removal of offensive graffiti from council buildings (not private buildings)
  • removal of fly-tipping
  • removal of leaves in autumn
  • specialist gum removal
  • special cleaning requests on private land

You can report something in the Harrogate district that needs to be fixed, cleaned or cleared either online or by contacting our customer services team on 01423 500600.

Report street cleaning online

Out-of-hours emergencies

There's no out-of-hours service for:

  • special works
  • litter bins
  • flyposting
  • fly-tipping/ dead animals (unless a danger to the public and on public land)

Please contact us on 01423 556300 for urgent help if something is a hazard to the public.