Our district has some great places to go to for an enjoyable night out.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always go to plan and getting home safely sometimes isn't what happens.

To make your night out more enjoyable and to ensure you get home safely, remember these tips

  • enjoy a drink, but be aware of your limits. If out in a group, have a designated driver who can drive everybody home
  • if you are in a group, try and stay together. You are more vulnerable if you are alone and it can become worse if you are drunk and alone
  • if you have had too much to drink, take some time to sober up
  • don't get involved in any confrontation which might lead to violence. If you feel threatened at all or feel unsafe ring 999 and find a place of safety
  • don't leave your glass on the road where someone could fall on it and get badly hurt
  • organise a taxi home in good time and try to avoid the peak times, when the queue will be longest or have a pre-arranged lift pick you up. Always plan ahead and tell someone about your plans
  • don't forget, act responsibly don't make too much noise or use shop doorways as toilets!

Remember enjoy your night but get home safely