Tenant involvement

Tenant involvement is about making sure that all tenants and leaseholders have the chance to have a say on the housing service they receive.

Consulting with and involving our tenants

Through a series of panels, we work to ensure that tenants and leaseholders are consulted on proposed changes to our housing services. Involved tenants are offered assistance with transport to meetings, free training and support. There are several ways you can get involved including:

Housing services and property services panel - the panel works closely with the head of housing and head of property services and councillors to see how the whole housing service - including repairs and maintenance - can be improved for tenants and leaseholders. The panel meets quarterly.

Housing services and property services panel minutes and reports

Neighbourhood services and housing needs panel - this analyses areas including rent, tenancy services, anti-social behaviour and developments in the housing allocations, homelessness procedures and temporary accommodation.

Neighbourhood services and housing needs panel minutes and reports

Tenants' open forum - a quarterly meeting with housing staff present. Open to all tenants and leaseholders who are encouraged to raise issues of interest to the wider estate / community where they live.

All panels' group - once a quarter involved tenants from all our various panels get together to exchange information, receive presentations from staff and discuss ideas.

All panels' group panel minutes and reports

Tenants' news editorial panel - the editorial panel helps with the production of four newsletters a year and the annual housing report. It makes sure the newsletters are relevant to tenants and that they're attractive and interesting. Members also help with proof reading and ensuring they're written in plain English.

The scrutiny group - a group of involved tenants who work independently 'scrutinising' different parts of the housing service. The group prepares a report in which they make recommendations for improvement and change and then monitor implementation. Membership of this group varies according to the activity being scrutinised.

View the latest scrutiny reports
September 2019

Tenants' Facebook group - join our tenants' Facebook group and join in the discussion. You'll find lots of news and information about forthcoming events, surveys to complete and an opportunity to have your say. Find us at HBC Tenants.

For more information on getting involved please see our involved tenants handbook or contact David Allford, tenant involvement officer on 01423 500600.