Countryside hedgerows

The hedgerow regulations aim to protect “important” countryside hedgerows by controlling their removal.

  • it's a criminal offence to remove most countryside hedgerows without permission
  • if you remove a hedgerow without permission, whether it's important or not, you may face an unlimited fine
  • you may also have to replace the hedgerow, which will then automatically be “important” for 30 years

You'll need permission to remove hedgerows if:

  • the hedgerow is 20 metres or more in length, or
  • it's a shorter hedgerow which joins up with other hedgerows, or
  • if the hedgerow has gaps of 20 metres or less

See our countryside hedgerows guidance note for more information.


We suggest you read our help notes before completing the hedgerow removal notice

You must submit four copies. No fee is required.

We then have six weeks to give or refuse consent. We assess the hedge to decide whether or not it's important before making a decision.