Making a complaint about high hedges

Before making a complaint, you must have tried and exhausted all other ways of resolving the hedge dispute.

You'll need to record verbal or written requests made to the hedge owner, together with their responses.

Make a complaint

  • if you're satisfied that your complaint meets the criteria, you can submit a complaint using the form below
  • a fee of £405 is payable with the complaint
  • to encourage complainants and hedge owners to settle early, we offer a scheme of refunds, detailed on the form
  • those receiving one or more means tested benefits don't have to pay the application fee


Rejection of a complaint

We can:

  • reject your complaint if we consider you've not done everything you reasonably could to settle the matter yourself
  • decline to accept any complaint we consider frivolous or vexatious, which generally means the complaint hasn't been made in good faith

Further information

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