Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough

Jacob Smith Park in Scriven, near Knaresborough, opened in January 2008. The 30-acre parkland was bequeathed for public use by Miss Winifred Jacob Smith. The parkland is surrounded by an impressive stone wall and contains a number of ancient trees.

For the most part, the site is comprised of mixed native species, which can be found around the eastern and southern boundaries of the park. Tree planting projects have seen more than 200 native tree whips and some larger native trees planted.

Veteran trees

The site contains a number of veteran trees, which are extremely important in terms of:

  • providing habitat for large numbers of bird and insect species
  • helping to “lock-up” large amounts of carbon dioxide and to release this over a long period
  • providing important breeding grounds for common woodland fungi
  • helping to maintain historic landscapes
  • providing focal points and points of interest in the landscape

But because of the nature, age and condition of these trees, permanent “exclusion zones” have been installed around the base of some of them to protect the public. The wooden fenced areas ensure that some trees can still be appreciated from a distance and should provide an area into which any branch or tree should safely fall.

The exclusion zones will also allow the trees to grow old naturally and gracefully without much in the way of artificial management works.

Friends of Jacob Smith Park

Harrogate Borough Council's Countryside Ranger works alongside Friends of Jacob Smith Park to protect, maintain and enhance this beautiful and historic parkland.

Friends of Jacob Smith Park are a voluntary group, dedicated to the protection, conservation and enhancement of this stunning historic parkland. For more information please visit Friends of Jacob Smith Park website.

Nature trail

Funded by us, and produced in partnership with Meadowside School, the Jacob Smith Park nature trail combines with Key Stage 2 and 3 to provide an educational resource for all the primary schools in the area.

Visitor information

The park is located off Scriven Road, HG5 9EJ. There is limited on-street parking available on the surrounding streets. It is open all year round and has a network of mown grass pathways and steep slopes which can become muddy. During fine weather, the paths are largely accessible. Disabled visitors may need assistance.