Private water supply classification and charges

Classification of supplies

The three categories are:

  • Large supplies
    These are supplies that are used by one or more of the following
    - any commercial activity, such as hotels, B and Bs, restaurants, cafes
    - public buildings, such as hospitals, schools and museums
    - any supply for domestic use over 10 cubic metres per day, which equates to 50 or more people
  • Small supplies
    These are supplies where there is only domestic use and the amount of water used is less than 10 cubic metres per day or less than 50 people using the supply
  • Single dwellings
    These are supplies where a single dwelling uses water for domestic purposes. There is no requirement to sample in these cases. We will only undertake sampling and a risk assessment if asked to by the owner or occupier


Sampling depends on the classification of the supply. All large supplies must be sampled once a year for the group A and group B parameters. The more water used, the more often the water is sampled.

All small supplies must be sampled once every five years for five parameters.

More parameters may be sampled based on the supply history and the results of the risk assessment.

We may serve a legal notice if there is a failure. Investigations may be carried out to determine the cause.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges apply for sampling, risk assessments and investigations.